Wednesday, 26 October 2016


A poem with the prompt 'objectivity' written for Poets United

Look at all sides


Is my opinion dressed by the past,
shaped by my experiences,
tailored to suit me?
Then I must take off my high hat 
There is objectivity in store for me

Where do I find it?
Is what I study free of subjectivity
or is it confined by the information
between the covers of the books
chosen by me?

Objectivity is quite hard you see

It is like spring cleaning your brain
You throw out all judgements
You open all doors
to let in fresh findings
You clean out the fiction 
and stick to the facts

It is like when you roll a dice,
don’t count on only 
one side. You score much
higher when you consider
all sides including
the ones you cannot see.
That’s how it is with objectivity

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Trip to Frans Josef

We had a trip to the West Coast and OMG we were so lucky because:
  • We have travelled with our Dutch friends we know since we live in New Zealand. we did many trips with them.
  • We had a room at Hostel Franz Josef Montrose where the price is good, you receive breakfast and soup at 8 pm, the staff is very friendly and it is clean. Usually I don't give reviews but this is an exception.It is great to stay at a backpacker as you meet people from all over the world.
  • It had rained all week over there-the days we had were dry and we had a lot of sun shine as well-after the trip the rain will come back again. You usually never have snow on the mountains at this time of the year, but now we did. Because of the snow everything looked even more spectacular.
  • We had a great walk, visited two glaciers and had coffee in a top location On the way back we had some marvellous views on lake Mapourika We are so blessed. Underneath some photos. Hope you like it

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Meet me

A poem for poets United I have been busy with work but found some time to finish my poem Still needs work. I enjoyed last week and thank your for such a great community. I might have to visit some of you after the weekend as we are going away soon (without computer) to the West Coat for labour weekend.

Gromley statue in Avon river

Meet me in our conversations

"Who are you" her beloved shouted
"Well" she said
"I am the one who lives in your mind
I am a dream matching your believes
I am confirming your ideas
I am the story you wanted to hear
but my story is ever evolving,
 keep reading it
your believes might match my dream
My ideas might be your inspiration
as I emerge from the  water
and feel the breeze against my skin
Join me under a new horizon
on my travels under the stars
Meet me in our conversations
 I will be me, even if it might mean
becoming a trace in your memory"

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Lake Taylor

I haven't been blogging for a while as live got in the way so to catch up here is one of the trips I made. A while ago a car drove into my little Diatsu Boon and accordingly was written of by the insurance. I had two days to buy a new car as I had to go to work on Monday. We found a Suzuki SX4, a little four wheel drive, or a pretend four wheel drive as my clients call it.
Anyway my husband said we had to try it out on a gravel road. So we drove the Lake Sumner Road
from Hawarden in North Canterbury to Lake Taylor, which is 50 km and mostly gravel road. Oh what a treasure. There was hardly any traffic so we could stop on many places to make photos of this gorgeous area. We had a short walk as well and crossed a cool swing bridge.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

The hidden wealth of light

Hurunui River

The hidden wealth of light

Sometimes the light trickles in
as you stumble through a broken world,
pressed down by the darkness.
Light from behind the stars
envelopes you with calmness, 
pierces hope into your heart 

Sometimes the light trickles in
You try to grasp the treasures rays
as their magic, touches you, makes 
you come alive, nourishes you. The light
lingers inside your soul, when you live
in the shadow and rest on decaying leaves.

Sometimes the light trickles in
on the wings of music, on the waves of 
laughter, always joining you in dance.
You can witness its sparkles
on the wild river rushing through the
wilderness, whispering wisdom 

Sometimes the light trickles in,
as you tune into the source that feeds 
you with words, which lights up 
someone’s eyes, reflecting your healing.
Grow your wealth, use the light 
for the seeds of love you planted.