Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Love potion

Thanks to Priceless Joy for running the flash fiction and to Yarnspinnerr for the photo


He was told that 11 pots are a must. It had taken him 6 months to collect all the ingredients for the potion. 

Today was the day. The wind was right and it was 15 minutes to go before she would come out of her house. He adored the beautiful Sheila, but he was poor and she was from a rich family and would never ever date him. 

An old wise man told him however that with the love potion he could make her love him. He had some wood collected to build a little fire under the pots. The smoke would go her way when she would come from the house. He would have to take the middle pot in his hands and magic would happen. 

He just put the last pots on an angle as suddenly his friend appeared next to him. “Need a hand” while picking up the middle pot. He stood there with his mouth open as Sheila walked straight into his friend’s arms.

168 words

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Winter is ending

Slowly we are moving towards spring. Only 2 weeks to go. Every season has its own charm and the highlight of this winter was a day trip to the stunning snow capped mountains which is only a 40 minute drive.. Isn't New Zealand beautiful. I feel so blessed to live here.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Where I live in the last years floods have increased. Streets turned into rivers, paddocks became lakes and the worst for some people was that their houses were flooded.

We had to be evacuated once in Holland as the dikes nearly broke but luckily we could return safely after a week.

One reason of increased floods is people building more cities in flood prone areas.

Mostly it is however because of global warmingAny damaging substance people release in the atmosphere is an air pollutant, like CO2 from cars and airplanes and methane from gas emitted by livestock. These are some of the causes of global warming which increases the temperature of the earth's oceans and atmosphere. 

The increased temperature leads to more intensity and frequency of droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons and floods.
So there you go. We're in for some wetness. 

recent flooding in Christchurch

Prompt for Poets United:  Flood


Raindrops splashing on the street
exploding into bouncing beads
raising a raging thunderstorm
with a roar and a rumble

A river meandering through town
charcoal clouds looming above
releasing a relentless rainfall
striking the streets with speed

The Eerie sound of a rushing
river, gulping the rain,
spewing murky water
into every seam of life

Me, flooded with thoughts
gazing at the reflection
of destruction asking:
“Mother earth, again? Why?”

An awkward silence follows
as I look at bobbing bottles
as I inhale the stench of
toxins terrorising her.



Vaguely she heard a voice saying, “Reanimation in progress, heart function ok,  ..” Lisa slowly opened her eyes and a dark voice said to her” Hello, welcome to the year 2117. 

A man wearing a black tunic said: “You have been in a capsule for a 100 years Lisa. First you will have to go through some tests”. 

She started to remember things again. Her family had died in a car crash and a friend who was a scientist was involved in the process of cryogenically freezing human beings. She had become fascinated by it and had offered herself for the process and there she was. 

She told the man she was starving and if she could get a meal first. "Of course", he said and he came back with a cup with a brown gooey stuff bubbling out of it. “I would like a meal” she stuttered. He said “this is what we take now. We don’t have meals as such anymore.”

163 words

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kentsugi: Art of mending

I loved researching the wonderful concept of Kintsugi. It is an art and part of the Japanese worldview of Wabi Sabi. Kintsugi or Wabi Sabi appreciates everything which is old or broken. When a piece of pottery is broken they mend the broken parts with gold so it is becomes stronger and more beautiful than before.

It also made me think of the words of Leonard Cohen. "There is a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in

or of the wonderful words from the book the Velveteen Rabbit

You know it all gives us permission to be imperfect, as nothing is perfect. We however often focus on our shortcomings but that is our platform to grow from, to get more beautiful and stronger :)

It gives us permission to love ourselves with all our imperfections. You are better able to accept and understand others when you do and there is less room for judgement. Love will have lots of space. So be all that is you.


Poets United Prompt Kintsugi: Art of mending

Oh beautiful imperfection

Oh, beautiful imperfection
of broken parts of pottery
strengthened by golden joinery
mend by the art of Kintsugi 

Oh beautiful imperfection
It is part of our attraction
we connect through our wounds
develop a supportive unity

Oh, beautiful imperfection
An underrated reflection
of a side of us that’s broken
and filled and build with mastery

Oh, beautiful imperfection
Our scars, a symbol of strength
they are the proof of healing
Revealing new spaces for growth

Oh, beautiful imperfection
Open the door to liberty
desert deceit and choose
depth over superficiality

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The parcel

Flash fiction for aspiring writers

photo by Dorothy

"Ok William, good you are here, as we must pick up a parcel. We'll have to take the tandem”
“A tandem?” Said William
“Don’t worry I show you what to do. I do the steering. I shift gear, you shift gear. We should paddle fast as it is of life importance that we pick up the parcel before 4.00 pm.”
“ Why?” asked William
“There is no time to lose. Come.”

 They setoff and Michael raised his voice. “Go left - Shift to third gear – Careful, a hole in the road.”
“What”? screamed William.
 “A hoooooole”. Suddenly they lost their balance.
“Are you ok” asked Michael.
“I think so” said William. “My leg hurts.”
“Quick only 5 minutes to go.” 

They went back on the bike. Michael spotted the automatic gates which were slowly closing. “Come” said Michael "We have to go through there” They went faster and faster but the gate completely closed just when they arrived.

163 words